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Friday, how I love thee...

Jesus christ what a week!

Ok, so my week was pretty average, but Antoine's week? Shitty. And so my week took on some of those overtones.

Antoine's week:
--laptop AC adapter death. Not major, but definitely a nuisance.
--centrifuge explosion at work. For those of you who don't work in labs, a centrifuge is basically a big boxy machine that spins things at very high rates, to separate, say, cells from plasma, or DNA from...other juice. This spinning process creates lots of force. Lots. So when they explode...generally people die. The only reason this was not a tragedy in Antoine's lab is that they happen to keep their centrifuge in a walk-in fridge, which absorbed most of the impact. The fridge is now fucked. Shrapnel, scars, etc. I am more shaken up by the near-death aspects of it all than Antoine. He's pissed that his samples were destroyed.
--Shiva, our new kitten who has been living with us for a little over a week, went in to get fixed. We get a call from the adoption agency saying that a) our cat has ring worm (contagious, and probably spread to other cats in household) and b) the female that we thought we adopted and specifically needed...turns out to be male. This was exceptionally rotten because it put Antoine in the position of deciding whether to keep his new cat or not. I've spent a lot of time being pissed--I can kinda understand the sex issue--it's hard to sex angry kittens. But, if someone comes to you saying "we specifically need a female for reasons A, B, and C, you don't give them a cat that you haven't confirmed. Second, ring worm is so fucking basic! You check any feral cat for this!!

Today, Antoine made his decision, and even though he's wanted a female cat basically his entire life, decided to keep Shiva. The name works for the male gender too, and I am trying to get my pronouns right. And the ringworm? A case of misidentified razor burn. Yeah. These people are idiots. And our cat is shaved like a female. And I'm going to write an angry letter, using all the academic, elitist jargon I have learned like a hammer. Fuckers.

--Monday I had the most mortifying meeting ever. Good came out of it, in terms of re-working the models of my research, but...whoa. A meeting got totally out of my control, and let's just say I did not represent the archaeology department well. Yeah...

--This is me not working on anything. Friday's are sacred.

Sometimes I get the feeling that what I am going through in graduate school is just as profound as some of the personal changes I went through after college jut I have no way to really understand or recognize that because I am not keeping a proper journal and therefor have no room or time for critical self-reflection...but I suspect that is what is happening in my life all the same. This year at least I have grown and changed a lot, I just haven't had the time to really understand how.


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Feb. 13th, 2010 02:17 pm (UTC)
Ugh. I hope next week is better for you both!
I think one of the things about personal change is that it's hard to see while you're in the midst of it. I know in college I went through a hell-of-a lot of change, but couldn't see or understand it until I was well past it all.
Feb. 13th, 2010 11:21 pm (UTC)
Good lord! I'm glad nobody was harmed in the centrifuge explosion. Do they know what caused it? I admit to being morbidly curious as to how much damage it did to the refrigerator. Were pictures taken?

That's ridiculous about missing Shiva's sex. Angry kitten or not, it's easy to put on weighted gloves, grab him by the scruff and check for boy parts. I've done this with ferals before and it's not rocket science. Sounds like they need to grow a pair and be sent to sex geese. Possibly the worst biology job ever. Rawr.

*dials down the rage*

I propose Trader Joe's lava cakes artfully shaped into hearts for Valentine's Day to counteract Shitty Week. Are you with me? And Dollhouse is fantastic: Eliza Dushku in fact does have the chops to pull off all of the roles. All of the actors do, actually. My favorite is Enver Gjokaj who plays Victor. The man does so many accents and does them all WELL.
Feb. 14th, 2010 05:07 pm (UTC)
Dollhouse will be streamed! I'll try to get Antoine to take a few camera pics of the fridge.
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