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The ghosts of units past...

I dreamed that I was in a truck with a new crew, headed to a site. It may have been somewhere in Oregon, as there were trees. Going up a slow gravel hill, the truck passed every rotten unit I have ever dug. Every bath-tubbed sidewall, every unit floor that was too deep, to unlevel, or generally fucked up. It was mortifying. I kept trying to explain..."that was in field school! I didn't know any better!" or "Nobody ever told me I was doing it wrong!"

The fact is, I kinda suck at excavation. I generally enjoy the work, but I do it rarely enough that I am a perpetual noob. My side walls do bathtub, I don't have the wrist strength to really kick ass with a trowel, and I cannot for the life of me remember how to tie the cool little knots for the string and nails. When I work excavations I tend to be highly self-conscious and nervous all the time, just waiting for the day to get over without any mortifying disasters. I have yet to collapse a unit, but I'm about that lame.

Last time I was in Valencia I was digging, so I suspect this is a stress dream.

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