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Cupcake Adventures #4

Chocolate cupcakes with powdered sugar and Nutella accents

Success! Mostly. I think I might need to tweak this one. First--the cake recipe, a sour cream chocolate cake, is awesome. Moist and fluffy and everything I think chocolate cake should be. I was a little nervous because this is my first recipe that involved melting chocolate, and all that talk of "double boilers" always scared me, but microwaves are the wave of the future! After the Red Bloodcell cupcakes, I became obsessive to the point of using teaspoons to fill the cake liners exactly 2/3 full, but this recipe is really more of a 1/2 full type of cake.

Plus, if I were to include Nutella again in the future (which is teh yum) I would cut down on the sugar in the cake batter, use real Nutella and not store brand generic, and do it on a less hot day so that I have fewer texture issues with the piping tube. I may also consider either using more Nutella on top of the cake, or shoving some inside as a filling, I'm not sure which. Nutella is hazelnut chocolate delicious death, and I wouldn't want to over-do it.

I took half of the cupcakes (the second batch, with less over-spill halo) to a department potluck tonight, and they mostly got eaten. I ninja'd the rest of them onto other people's dessert trays so I didn't have to take them home with me.

I think I might be getting better at cupcakes!


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Aug. 22nd, 2009 07:00 am (UTC)
Wow, sounds like you are becoming something of a cupcake maven. Those sound great!
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